"What's in my Clutch Bag?" Our Founder, Maria shares what's in her bag.

A clutch bag can hold so many secrets, right?

Curious about what essentials our founder Maria carries with her? In this blog post, Maria shares a peek inside her clutch bag, revealing her must-have items for staying organized and inspired on the go.

From practical necessities to personal touches, we sat down with our Founder, Maria to find her favorite items and here are some common things she puts in her clutch bag:

  1. Wallet or cardholder: It's obvious, but you can't leave your house without your money, credit cards, and identification.

  2. Phone: Another obvious one but I carry my phone with me at all times, and a clutch bag is a convenient way to keep it close.

  3. Keys: If you're going out, you'll need your keys to get back into your home or car.

  4. Lipstick or lip gloss: A quick touch-up of your makeup can make you feel more confident throughout the day or night.

  5. Tissues: You never know when you'll need to wipe your nose or clean up a spill.

  6. Breath mints or gum: Keep your breath fresh with some mints or gum.

  7. Hand sanitizer: Especially in today's world, hand sanitizer is a must-have item to keep yourself clean and healthy.

  8. Compact mirror: A small mirror can be helpful for checking your appearance or fixing your makeup.

  9. Medication: If you have any essential medication, such as essential oils or allergy medication, you should keep it in your clutch bag.

  10. Hair tie or bobby pins: Keep your hair in place with a hair tie or bobby pins.

What do you keep in your clutch bag? Check out our latest additions and find your favorite.

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