Our Story

Our Mission is Simple

We are committed to create a healthier world through regenerative organic farming and a modern and prosperous sustainable business process. We want to create value for our customers by offering healthy superfoods with antioxidants such as organic raw cacao powder at a competitive fair prices that can generate satisfactory returns for customers.

SoulTierra Story Origin

Born in San Diego and crafted in Colombia, SoulTierra has the mission to bring a healthy way to start your day or get through it. Founded by Maria Salazar, wellness enthusiast with a social media and public relations background, initiated this concept to empower Colombian cacao farmers. Soul Tierra offers organic cacao products. 10% of SoulTierra's sales go back to support our COVID-19: Emergency Response & Readiness campaign for our cacao farmers. To join this community, connect online at and socialize on FacebookPinterest and Instagram @SoulTierra.




Meet our CEO & Creative Designer, Maria Tellez  

Photo Credits Grace J. Photography
"This journey began when I came across one of my life passions: empowering and representing our Colombian farmers. About one year ago, I started nurturing my passion for entrepreneurship through these local small farmers, by understanding their work and traditions. Wherever I go, I want to reinforce my roots and represent my Latin culture, almost like an ambassador. SoCal has become that place I also call home and I want to bring the best of both worlds through SoulTierra. I'm proud to see this reality came true this year!


Meet our COO & President, Daniela Salazar

"SoulTierra is more than a business or a company for me, it's a community and brand of superfoods with a purpose to support each other. I'm proud of developing SoulTierra socially conscious concept after realizing a widespread lack of fair trading and labor conditions. Learn how you can start a better day with our Organic Cacao Products!"