Yoga Mat Strap | Eye Am Classic

Yoga Mat Strap | Eye Am Classic

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When it's time to find your flow, it's easy to grab and go thanks to the Wayuu (“Wah-you”) adjustable Yoga Mat Strap. Handmade from locally sourced materials in La Guajira, Colombia. Designed to make trips to and from the studio, the beach or park just easier, this strap fits almost any sports mat, blanket or towel with the help of an elastic band that adjusts to your yoga mat.

Arawayuu yoga mat straps is the fastest option to unroll and pack up after class or a trip to the beach. Transport your sports mat, towel or picnic blanket in style with this cute-but-functional Wayuu shoulder strap.

Colors: Brown, and bone white

Bonus: The colorful fabric is 100% cotton and thick enough that it won't dig into your shoulder. Lightweight for travel and simple to use for quick post-practice setup.

Type: Strap

Closure: Elastic band

  • The velcro closure keeps the mat in place
  • Shoulder strap comes in some eye-catching colored patterns as well as classic and solid tones.
  • Fits most yoga mats with an elastic band
  • 2.5" wide (6.4cm) 

Fabric details: Shoulder strap: 100% cotton

*product doesn’t include yoga mat or towel